September 26, 2012

To view dogs and puppies go to Robin Callahan-Hager on facebook or Boone County Dog Pound’s facebook page. You can also foster or sponsor these dogs and puppies, information is on the pound’s page. To help these dogs with adoption, please share their pictures on facebook. In run #1 a 6-8 month old female mix breed pup, run #2 an 8-9 month old female mix breed (black and white in color), run #2 a 1yr. old female mix breed, mainly white with black, stray from Spruce Laurel area, run #3 black and white dog came in wearing a collar and flea collar, run #3 1yr. old male mix breed from Six Mile, run #4 a 2-3 yr. old male brown and white beagle, run #4 a 6yr. old tri-color female beagle, run #5 black and white female lab mix 1yr. old stray from Danville, run #5 eight month old boxer/lab mix named Bouser, male, run #6 three yr. old male hound, run #7 1yr. old lab mix, run #8 brindle pup 9 wks. old, also an 8wk. old female beagle, as well as a 4 month old female hound/lab mix, and lots of other great dogs and puppies. Stop by and see us. Adopt these wonderful dogs at the Boone County Dog Pound. The Boone County Dog Pound is located at Fosterville, near the transfer station, between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., Monday thru Saturday. Call the pound at 304-837-3262 for more information. The cost of adoption is $50 for spay and neutering and $3 to cover the cost of taxes.