School facilities, maintenance staffs tackle several summer projects

Fred Pace

September 27, 2013

BOONE COUNTY — When school is out for summer, Boone County Schools’ maintenance and custodial staff kick things into high gear to complete a variety of projects.

Director of Facilities and Maintenance Josh Bacchus wants to thank those staff members whom work to keep Boone County Schools in top condition.

“They are the people who do everything,” said Bacchus. “They give our community and our kids the best possible learning environment.”

Each summer custodial staff prepares facilities for the coming year by cleaning, waxing, repairing and fixing various things and projects. An additional floor crew this summer worked on projects, while paint crews assisted and also did many jobs, Bacchus said.

The facilities and maintenance staffs are responsible for 18 total buildings in the Boone County school system.

“Many think nothing happens around the schools during summer time, but we completed projects at every school this summer, expect for Ashford,” he said. “We are doing a project there just after school starts.”

A list of some of the Boone County Schools’ maintenance completed summer projects:

• Brookview

Cleaned all through wall units

Assisted stripping and waxing 2 rooms and hallway

• Nellis

Paint main hallway

Strip and wax main hallway

• Pre-K

Finish paint cafeteria

Strip and wax main hallway

Repaired playground equipment

• Madison Elementary

Removed lights from lawn and mounted on building

Painted main hallway

• Whitesville

Carpeted classroom

Laminate in office and principal office

Removed asbestos and new tile in downstairs hallway and cafeteria

Thawed and resealed freezer

• Sherman Elementary

Replaced backflow preventer

Cleaned through wall units

Painted bathrooms

• Ramage

Water line leak replaced line under parking lot

• Jeffrey-Spencer

Painted main hallway

Strip and was main hallway

Removed rotting/dangerous playground equipment

Fenced around new parking lot entrance

Thawed and resealed freezer

• Van Elementary

Strip and wax 1st and 2nd floor hallway

Paint second floor

Lights on building

• Wharton

Strip and wax hallway

Paint main hallway

Cleaned all through wall units

• Sherman High

Replace hot water tank

Repaired field lights

Cleaned rooftop units

• Sherman Jr. High

Poured concrete pad under picnic shelter

Cleaned rooftop units

Repaired drain under concession stand

• Madison Middle

Replace carpet in room 102

Placed outside lights on the building

Cleaned all through wall units

Cleaned rooftop units

• Scott

Replaced side entry doors

Repaired field lights

Cleaned rooftop units

• Van Jr./Sr.

Roof over commons area

Cleaned all through wall units

Repaired field lights

• Career Center

Outdoor lighting

Removed old rooftop units and patched roof

• Truck Driving Academy

Paint main hallway

Ran new waterline (8/12/13)

• Central Office

Painted basement

Replaced Ceiling Tile