October 8, 2013

All Cases Scheduled 9/30/2013 through 10/04/2013

For C. Porter Snodgrass

13F-325, 326, 327, and 328; Wayne Allen Mills; FS, FP, OT, and OT

13M-845; Andrew Boggs; BAT

13M-846; Terrance Mills; BAT

13M-632, 633,634, and 635; Neal Tate Adkins; SRD, NPOI, REG, and MVI

13M-809; Jeffrey L. Blevins; DB

13F-405; Amber Lynn Aleshire; OT

13M-868 and 869; Eric Arnold Shabdue; SB and OT

13M-751, 752, 753, and 754; Mark A Luther; SP, NPOI, MVI, and REG

13F-422 and 423; Jamie Edward Morris; GL and CS

13M-523 and 796; Jawuatta Rene Walker Hager; BAT and OT

13M-793 and 794; Robert L Finley; OO and OT

13F-410; Bart Allan Nelson; SRD3

13F-362 and 363; Jared O. Fowler; OT and CS

13F-424, 425, and 426; Perry Changes; BURG, GL, and B&E

13M-247 and 248; Debbie Lynn Workman; SL and ASL

13M-776; Elbert Johnathan Davis; SRD

13M-813, 813, and 814; Dakota James Nelson; UC, DOP, and DOP

10M-982; Tammi Lynn Bailey; DB

13M-792; Dollie Marie Cooper; OT

13M-747 and 748; Robert R. Dolin; PL and RSP

13F-311; Larry G. Dingess; OT

12M-1756; Corey Ray Kinchen; LS

13M-773; Brittany Jo Craddock; DUI

13M-290, 291, 424, and 425; Casey Lee Moore; DOP, DOP, DB, and DA

13M-364 and 365; Anthony Raymond Koselo; BAT and DA

13M-667, 678, and 679; Robert Mitchell Totten; DUI2, SRO, and NPOI

12M-861; Gary Williams; OT

All Cases Scheduled 10/07/2013 and 10/11/2013

For Charles Byrnside

13F-339; Brent E. Hawley; WE

13M-366; Brandon Derrik Mitchell; DUI2

13F-427 and 428; Neal Tate Adkins; ARS and OT

13M-585; Anthony Santino Giachetti; DUI

13M-853, 854, 855, and 856; Jimmy Lee Robinette; DUI, LC, OT, and RD

13M-457; John Scott Abernathy; SRD

13M-368, 369, 370, and 371; Michael Wayne Halstead; DUI, NPOI, MVI, and REG

13F-351; Lenora M. Russell; CS

13M-684; Billy Joe Clay; OBST

13F-360 and 361; Anicia L. Kerby; OT and CS

13C-117; Dottie Lou Stamper; OT

13M-885 and 886; Stanford Harless; BDW and OBST

13M-867; Darren Allen Ryan; DB

13M-795; Chad D. White; BDW

13M-680, 681, 682, 683, 685, 686, 687, 688, and 689; Billy Joe Clay; LC, DE, SRO2, SB, OT, OT, NPOI, REG, and OT