Walter Lofton

October 16, 2013

A bank is a place where financial assets are held and dispersed. By financial assets we are referring to money. A depositor or customer places funds into a bank and withdraws them in the form of cash, checks, debit card transactions, etc. Each withdrawal in whatever form it may be represents money and this money is used to enhance the quality of one’s life.

In this discourse I wish to compare the Church to a bank and compare the bank commodity which is money to the Word of God which is truth.

When Christ was here on earth He built His Church (Matt. 16:13-20). He deposited into His Church the Word of Truth. See John Chapter 17 and particular verses 6-8, 14, and 20-21. In His prayer to the Heavenly Father He declared that He has sent them (the Church) into the world. His last instruction to the Church prior to His ascension was that they go into all the world teaching all things that He had commanded them. In other words, He was in affect telling His disciples to take of the deposits of divine truth within the Church and give it out to the lost and dying world that they might be made free.

Elsewhere in the Scriptures the Church is compared to a building or a house. The writer of Hebrews enlightens us on how Christ is a son over His own house. The apostle Paul said it this way, that Christ is the head of the Church (Eph. 5:23 and Col. 1:18). The writer of Hebrews goes on to say that every house is built by some man (Heb. 3:1-6). Since the subject is concerning the Church which is referred to as a house then the other houses that men have built must be churches also.

Since it cannot be verified that Christ deposited anything in any other house other than His very own and that deposit is the Word of Truth then it must stand to reason that the owners of these other houses (church denominations) would have to borrow the Word from the “Bank” where it is deposited or go lacking. And this is exactly what has happened.

Christ deals only in the Word of Truth and that is all that has been deposited in His house or His bank or church. In order for the other man-made “houses” to have a portion of spiritual cash (the divine Word of Truth) they must make a loan from the House of Truth, the biblical Church of God.

Sometimes some businesses will use tokens, coupons or discounts to attract customers and these can only be used at that particular place of business. But the bottom line is cold hard cash. Likewise, the doctrines of the denominational church system vary in essence with each other, their main concern is trying to help others to be free which can only come about through divine Truth which compares with the spiritual cash element. Since this spiritual cash (the divine Word of Truth) has only been deposited in the house that Christ built, it can only be withdrawn from there.

All divine Truth comes from God. Since the Church has been made the pillar and ground (the protective vault) of the truth (1 Tim. 3:15) it must all issue forth form that source. All real Bible truth regardless of which denominational pulpit it comes across is therefore Church of God doctrine. On the other hand, everything that comes forth from these other pulpits that is not Bible truth is the unique doctrine of that particular denomination.

The Scripture states that in the last days that “the time will come when they will not endure (embrace) sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap (attract) to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables (2 Tim. 4:3). This time has come and we are seeing many fall from the truth. But the truth is still the only thing that will set us free (John 8:32).

Truth is becoming a scarce commodity but when Christ returns for a people that have made themselves ready to be presented to Him as his chaste Bride, He will find all truth just where He left it; in His house.

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