Students participate in health fair

Alyssa Smith HOSA Chapter Reporter/Historian

October 22, 2013

On Friday, October 4th, Boone Career and Technical Center (BCTC) took the Health Science Students to the Boone Memorial Health Fair held at the Madison Civic Center.

Classes composed of juniors went to tour the fair while BCTC seniors volunteered.

At the health fair, students had the option to visit several booths containing information on issues and topics relating to the community including breast cancer awareness, anti-drug and anti-tobacco use, diabetes, and examples of healthy food choices. Also, they offered free flu vaccinations, blood pressure testing, EKG’s, and more.

Students were encouraged to visit as many booths as possible and everyone that toured the fair seemed to enjoy themselves.

A BCTC student started “We took a lot away from this experience, learning about different diseases and health issues in the community.”

The trip was successful; the students enjoyed it and learned new information on a variety of health topics.