High school football season ending soon

Ron Gregory

November 5, 2013

Bulletin! Bulletin! Bulletin!

Stop the presses!

Lincoln County High School did not … I repeat, did NOT … lose again Friday night.

No, friends, they waited until Saturday afternoon to lose to a lowly Double A squad in Hamlin.

Can it get much worse than this? Perhaps.

* * * * * *

You see, the Panthers close out the 2013 regular season with a game against St. Albans this Friday. If there is a Class AAA team in the state as bad as Lincoln County, it might just be St. Albans. Hmmn. Does the name Derrick Christian occur to anyone with regard to these programs?

Former LCHS Coach Cory Beck may start looking good if the Panthers continue to play as they have this season. Oh-fer years are not exactly the thing great athletic programs are made of and that seems to be where LCHS is headed, no matter the competition.

Since the game is also at Hamlin, I suspect there is a shot (perhaps a long one) that the Panthers will be 1-9 when the day is done, just like St. Albans. But I doubt it.

* * * * * *

Which leads me back to my old question about why fans of mediocre teams get upset at ME when their team doesn’t perform well. If LCHS would just trot out on the field, give a real whipping to someone and walk off the field winners, most of my comments about them over the years could be forgotten in a hurry.

When the Panthers came to Madison to take on Scott I was public enemy number one in the eyes of some. I haven’t tackled a Panther player or scored an opposing touchdown in the years I’ve been covering sports in Southern West Virginia.

But, face it, LCHS fans, this team is awful; the coaching is lacking; and the team needs to be taught how to win. There are athletes on that team that could compete anywhere. But they are not going to be winners with the philosophy at LCHS.

* * * * * *

Sadly, the Boone County high school football season will limp to a conclusion this week.

Sherman has already concluded its year at 2-8 but Scott and Van have one contest remaining.

As I have noted previously, I am thoroughly convinced the Skyhawks could have had a winning season in 2013. Instead, they are 3-6 going in to their final contest at Logan.

Although Logan will be heavy favorites to win the game on the island, I am convinced Scott will pull this one out to end the year at 4-6. My esteemed friend, Raamie Barker, thinks it will be an easy Logan victory but I don’t think so.

For one thing, Scott needs a win to end the year on a winning note and extend a boost for next season. For another, the Hawks are simply better than they have appeared.

I predict it will be a long night for the Wildcat faithful.

Meanwhile, Van is also 3-6 heading to powerhouse Man for the season finale. Veteran Man Coach Harvey Manns has his team back on track and headed for post-season play.

Although I would love to pick the Bulldogs, I suspect Man is too much for them, so the year will end at 3-7.

* * * * * *

I recently received a nice note from former Scott High Basketball Coach Jason Kingery. Kingery, whose “Krazies” helped lift the Skyhawk roundball team to new heights, is still happily coaching in Pennsylvania.

Kingery, just a notch short of “krazy” himself, is a coaching genius and he thanked me for some of the nice things I have said about him over the years of covering Scott athletics.

I do think new Coach Nick Cabell is a great guy as well, but Kingery had the ability to inspire a team and a crowd like few others. I still miss his antics, rants and raves on the Hawk sidelines.

* * * * * *

Speaking of those I miss, I do not mean to make this a Lincoln County sports column, but about this time of year is also a time when I miss legendary Duval/Guyan Valley Football Coach Blaine Wilkerson most of all.

“Coach Wilk” was an amazing man, who led teams to two state titles and nearly won a third in Double A. He is still revered in Griffithsville and Pleasant View as one of the greatest to ever come along. He was certainly that and more.

* * * * * *

Even though he is still with us on the planet, I also miss legendary Harts Basketball Coach Harry Kirk. When Kirk retired more than a year ago at Chapmanville Regional, it left a void that will likely never be filled in the high school coaching ranks.

Both Kirk and Wilkerson are and were unique characters, but they loved the games and they loved their players. Nobody could ask for more.

* * * * * *

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