Brookview students learn to stand up against drugs and bullying


November 20, 2013

FOSTER — The “Be The Hero Against Drug and Bullying Tour” response has been tremendous. In 45 days we will have visited over 60 schools throughout the Tri-State region, including Brookview Elementary School in Foster last week.

Many of these visits are multiple school tours by which we visit 2-4 schools per day that are in close proximity to one another. Lincoln County has coordinated a 9 school tour, which included Elementary and some Middle schools, that was unbelievable. The Middle School aged youth appreciate the message as it is delivered in a no nonsense and straight forward manner. There is a difference in the message as it is brought to the older ages as compared to the Elementary groups.

We are getting a good response from the Pre-k-Elementary schools. However we would like to see more participation in the Middle-High School ages. Especially as these are the grade levels where MOST of the Bullying and drug activity take place. There is a misconception that a Batman visit is “too juvenile” for Middle school or high School aged youth. However, the response we receive from these ages is ALWAYS tremendous. Realistically it is this group of youth and young adults that fill the movie theaters when a Batman movie is released!! So why not use their favorite characters to come speak with them in a NO NONSENSE and mature manner in order to reach the heart of these young Heroes??

We leave it up to the parents to make the ultimate decision to contact their Principals and request their school participate in this program. If anyone questions its impact on our youth, I invite them to read our feedback page online at or call any of the schools we have visited direct.

As we arrive at our one year anniversary of the inception of HEROES 4 HIGHER, I wanted to give an update of what has occurred this first year. First I must express my appreciation and gratitude to all parents, news agencies, radio stations, businesses, organizations, churches, schools, Doctors and hospitals, agencies and most of all thousands of TRUE little Heroes that we have had the privilege of serving and being touched by.

The numbers astound us! We have been in front of over 30,000 little heroes this first year. And the momentum continues to build as we move into the school systems throughout the Tri-State, as well as the Church sector. In the schools, we are teaching the children our BE THE HERO AGAINST DRUGS AND BULLYING message, as well as incorporating our “Stranger Danger” teaching which we have adapted as “IF YOU DON’T KNOW-DON’T GO!” The response is nothing short of INCREDIBLE. We are hearing great reports back from parents and schools about the impact of the message on their children. This is a movement and mission that we are grateful God has shared with us and blessed us to be a part of. It is a movement at WAR against the drugs, bullying, kidnapping and broken homes.

We started with The Gotham Knight and now have expanded to five fully available characters and two vehicles for appearances. With over $35,000 invested in character suits, we are able to keep up with the demand for the Hero Trainings the public is hungry for. We have also added a small team of outstanding people that all have a heart for the little heroes we serve and are committed to bringing the BE THE HERO message that is unique to us and built especially for the heroes of our Tri-State area.

We take pride in our mission and message. For us, this is NOT just a costume-picture taking experience. We are out to impact and change the world for the better-ONE LITTLE HERO AT A TIME. This is what the children of our community need and what they all DESERVE.

To put it simply, a costume alone will not impact a child in the ways that are needed for their inspiration and well- being. We bring a character visit with a purpose and a solid, heartfelt message which has been born out of my own personal struggles as a youth and the victories of overcoming the effects of personal tragedy. This is what we believe reaches our youth and what we are committed to providing with each visit; whether it be a one on one meeting or in front of thousands of little heroes.

We are now breaking into work with Governor Tomblin and the statewide efforts to address the ongoing drug epidemic and at the same time celebrate the great strides that have been taken to rally the community in a stand against the drug problem.

This has been with The Region 3 Drug Collaborative through the invitation of Tim White and his team. We are excited to be a part of these efforts and we are committed to GREAT THINGS ahead in order to help Governor Tomblin in the war on drugs in West Virginia and Nationwide.

Even greater things are on the horizon! This is only the beginning and we invite EVERYONE to support us in our efforts to inspire our Tri-State children to BE THE HERO! Once again we THANK ALL OF YOU and consider everyone who supports our mission a TRUE HERO AND GIFT FROM GOD.

See you all soon and always remember: BE THE HERO!