B.A.R.C. donation drive starts

Allyson Townsend For The Coal Valley News

December 3, 2013

This year, my dog and I, are participating in a donation drive by I’m Not a Monster. The donation drive starts around the middle of November until the drop off date, a few days before Christmas. This year, we are collecting donations for B.A.R.C Boone Animal Rescue Coalition and Kanawha Charleston Humane Association. This is a nation wide event, and more information can be found at

On the link provided, you’ll also see information for other “Monster” Elves around the country. Here’s is a link to Molly’s Elf Bio (

I’m sending this information in hopes of getting coverage of our big drop off at Kanawha Charleston Humane Association. With coverage of this event we can spread the word that shelter dogs are good dogs, Pit Bulls are not inherently dangerous, and can hopefully bring in more donations to local shelters and rescues.

So far, we have gotten donations from Massachusetts, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia. We have around 30 collars, 10 leashes, over 100 toys, 10 boxes of treats, 10 bags of treats, close to 50 blankets, and a couple of large crates. Some people have sent money, and some are sending gift cards. We hope to double those numbers before it’s time to do the drop off. To get a better idea of how much we have collected, you can find pictures on Molly’s facebook page. I have provided a link at the bottom of the email.

If you would consider covering this story and showing our big drop off, we would be very thankful!

I’m pasting some links and attaching a picture of Molly’s Elf Card. We hope to hear from you soon!

I’m Not a Monster Facebook Page>

Molly’s Facebook Page>

I’m Not a Monster’s Website>

Molly’s Full Biography on I’m Not a Monster’s Website>