Boone County Red Cross honored

January 1, 2014

The Boone County Chapter of the Red Cross was awarded the outstanding DAT (Disaster Action Team) team of the year. This six member team was trained last spring and has taken on the role of responding to disasters in Boone County. They assist with immediate emergency needs caused by fire or any reason that a person would be misplaced from their home. Cleve Daugherty and Nancy Bradbury are an ERV (food distribution vehicle) team, trained to respond and distribute food in disaster areas. Betty Beard and Marilyn Lewis are certified nurses and all six members respond to disasters. These dedicated volunteers spend hours responding to the disaster calls in and around Boone County. There are many volunteer opportunities for people to get involved in the Red Cross. Most people think of the Red Cross as giving blood; but, in the face of disaster they leader Cleve Daugherty, Nancy Bradbury, Amy Ball, Betty Beard, (not pictured are Marilyn Lewis and Ron Grant). If you are interested in becoming a DAT team member or volunteer for the Red Cross, you can contact the Cross Lanes office of the Red Cross.