Ron Gregory

January 1, 2014

Ah, the exceptional quality of a college football season in which Marshall picks up ten wins, and beats Maryland in the Military Bowl while the University of Southern Pennsylvania at Morgantown is sitting home playing with the Barbie dolls they got for Xmas. Hallelujah and pass the mountain dew.

I used to give annual state-of-the-university columns for the enlightenment of all until I figured out WVU fans are past enlightening. Show them that the American Athletic Conference is superior to the Big 12, and they get stars in their eyes dreaming of Lubbock, Texas on a cold, rainy night. Tell them New York City is a bigger media market than Lawrence, Kansas and they say, “media market? What’s that?”

So, there is no point once again lecturing on how Marshall regularly has more in-state students that the much -larger WVU. There is no reason to explain that WVU’s mission statement includes the education of students from the Northeast. It makes little sense to point out what little playing time any West Virginia native gets if he or she attends the Mistake in Motown.

Mountaineer fans laud WVU as the “state university” while consistently casting aspersions on the Mountain State. Most are embarrassed to be associated with the stereotypical West Virginian. If a Mountaineer fan approaches their stadium with a coal bucket in hand, it will be immediately taken as some sort of war material.