Little league coach accused of sexual abuse of female child

Fred Pace

March 10, 2014

DANVILLE — The Boone County Sheriff’s Office is investigating complaints of sexual assault against a local man.

Dusten Joe Crupe, 35, of Danville, was arrested on Saturday afternoon on three separate charges related to the abuse of a juvenile female.

Deputies have been investigating Crupe for the last several months and worked the case closely with the Boone County Prosecutor’s Office.

“We were able to execute a search warrant on Saturday afternoon and make a lot of headway with the case,” said Boone County Chief Deputy Chad Barker.

Barker said this case involved the use of computers and social media, which made the investigation more complex.

“Anytime you deal with large corporations, such as Facebook, there are a lot of hoops you have to jump through,” Barker said. “Once documents were returned Investigators had literally thousands of pages of information to comb through. These are a few of the reasons the case has taken so long to develop.”

“This is the type of crime we will not tolerate and that we are dedicated in putting a stop to. We have several investigators assigned to look into these types of allegations” said Sheriff Randall White.

As of now, there is only one victim involved with the case, according to White

“We hope there are no more, but it is very important that if anyone with any information about additional victims or other information call the Boone County Sheriff’s Office.”

Durning the time period relating to the charges, the victim ranged in age from 11-14 years old, White added.

The defendant has been involved in youth sports with several different local leagues over the last few years.

“It is important to understand that we do not feel his position with the leagues were used to initiate contact with the victim,” according to Barker. “I have spoken with representatives with the leagues and they want to stress that these are the types of crimes they will not tolerate.”

Crupe was a little league football coach. He was removed from all positions he held with youth sports immediately.

He admitted to receiving a nude picture on Facebook from the girl, who was 12-years-old at the time.

Crupe also admitted to having sexual conversations and interactions with the girl at least six different times between 2011 to July of 2013.

During at least one of those six times, Crupe told deputies the girl performed sexual acts on him.

Charges include: 1st degree sexual abuse (5-25 years in prison), soliciting a minor via computer (2-10 years) and 3rd degree sexual assault (1-5 years).

Crupe was arraigned Saturday evening in front of Boone County Magistrate Charles Byrnside and bond was set at $45,000.