Jeffrey Spencer Elementary has ‘Beautification Contest’


May 12, 2014

On April 17th, Jeffrey Spencer Elementary had a ‘Beautification Contest.’

This gave the staff, children, parents and community the opportunity to come together and help beautify their school.

Each class was given a designated area to beautify. The parents and community for each class brought flowers, signs, bird houses and more for the areas.

Dr. Lisa Beck, Assistant Superintendent with Boone County Schools, was in attendance to do the judging. Picking one class to be the winner was a challenge for her considering they all had done such a wonderful job. Her solution was that she gave each class a recognition title and then an overall winner.

Pre-K won the “Most Back to Nature” title, considering they used existing tree stumps for flower pots.

Kindergarten won “Most School Spirit” for their beautiful sign placed in their flower garden.

First grade received the “Most Serene and Relaxing” title for their bird sanctuary.

Second grade was given the “Most Inspirational” title for their area was a nice place to ponder and collect your thoughts.

The third grade class was announced as the “Most Continuing Beauty” because they added to the existing flowers that were already in their area.

Fourth grade was awarded “Most Welcoming and Hospitable.” Dr. Beck mentioned this area looked as if it were a magazine cover.

The fifth grade area was recognized as the “Most Uplifting” area, using the color sunshine yellow to paint the existing benches and picnic table.

The first grade class was given the overall win with their bird sanctuary and will be awarded a Sherbet Party.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this event and made this a beautiful day.