One year old Boone County baby diagnosed with leukemia, community rallies behind him

By Jessie Shafer WOWKTV.COM

July 16, 2014

At just one year old, Paxton Brake is following in his dad’s footsteps. One of his favorite things to do is ride around in his little fire truck.

His father, Brian Brake, is a volunteer with the Danville Volunteer Fire Department, he’s in the Army National Guard and served overseas. He’s a 911 dispatcher. For now, though, he and Paxton’s mom, Amber, are just taking care of their son. Brian said, “Everything happened so fast, that you didn’t really have time to react.”

They brought Paxton in for his one year checkup on June 11. They had some blood work done because they thought he was lactose intolerant, but the results showed something else. “We found out the next morning that he had leukemia,” Brian said.

Their smiling, laughing, little boy was diagnosed with cancer. Brian said, “All the doctors said the same thing. They said, I can’t believe he’s sick. You can’t believe it just by looking at him. That’s what makes it the toughest, knowing that he’s so happy, yet, everything that he’s going through, I couldn’t do it.”

Paxton is doing it.

They’ve been at the hospital since his diagnosis and he gets visitors often. He has a ton of people supporting him along the way. In the meantime, in less than a month since the diagnosis, this family has learned one very important lesson. “Don’t take life for granted. You don’t know what the next day is going to hold. Love your family with all you’ve got,” Brian said.

You can find out how to help by going to the Facebook group, “Prayers for Paxton Brake”. A Go Fund Me account is set up in his name. The family says and and all donations would help tremendously.