Happy 90th birthday!

July 22, 2014

Lucy L. Smoot, of Madison, will turn 90 on July 28, 2014. Her family and friends will join in a birthday celebration commemorating this milestone event at the Madison Memorial Building on Saturday, July 26.

A lifelong West Virginian, Lucy was born in Lester, raised in Widen and since the age of 16 has lived in Madison, where she met and married the late Boyd A. Smoot. Lucy and Boyd were married for 58 years and together raised seven children: Phillip, Vera, Douglas, Janice, Alice, Rodney and Shelia.

Lucy has been a devoted wife and mother and is known by everyone for her kind and gentle demeanor. In addition to utilizing her homemaking skills, she always made time for sharing her talents for sewing, flower gardening and writing.

She has one published book, A Slice of Life from Star Route 2, and several non-published works. She continues to enjoy reading the bible daily and spending time with family and friends.