New historic fiction book released

By Fred Pace

August 19, 2014

A new historic fiction novel entitled “Fire in the Hole,” was published in July and has a lot of regional interest due to the rich coal-mining history of the area, the writer of the book says.

“Residents in these succeeding generations, all the way from Morgantown down to Bluefield, and from Huntington east to the high mountains, still have vivid lingering memories of this great coal mining heritage that they have inherited from the stories passed down to them,” said John Kekec, the author of the new book. “Many of the cities of this region of the Great Appalachian Coal Belt, such as is found all over the state, were once rip-roaring coal mining settlements during the last decades of the 1800,s and early 1900’s after the turn of the century. The book presents an insightful view of deep shaft coal mining and the families living in the coal camps− their good times and bad− their sought after aspirations and fun along with their hardships and labor disputes.”

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