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Boone County “Grid Classic” set for Friday in Madison

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MADISON — The 2014 Boone County Grid Classic presented by Suddenlink will be held on Friday, August 22, 2014 at Scott High School in Madison, where it will be “Military Appreciation Night.”Boone County is home to three (3) high schools – Sherman, Van and Scott. In athletic events, Sherman and Van both compete in Class A while Scott competes in Class AA. This is the only opportunity to see all three (3) Boone County high school football teams compete together on the same field since all of the teams do not meet during the regular season.


Big buck battles to the death revisited

The two massive bucks were stone dead, lying head to head with their horns locked. Standing aside them in the photo with this look of amazement was Logan County, West Virginia resident, Bernie Ellis. Mr. Ellis, who recently passed away, told me back then that the two big bucks were still warm when he came upon them. And, they hadn’t been there the day before. So just how many other antlered deer meet their maker in such a gruesome manner?

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Ron’s Ramblings

The failure of the Boone County Commission to assist with the financial needs of youth athletic programs is still a sore point with many local residents.Everyone realizes, of course, that coal revenues for companies, miners and local governments are not what they once were. Whether President Barack Obama really is waging a “war on coal” or not, the world economy simply is not supporting American coal as it once did. There are all sorts of political reasons for that, whi...

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Letters to the editor

EPA going beyond constitutional authorityDear Editor:Article I Section 1 of the Constitution says the following:All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a congress of the United States, which shall consist of a senate and House of Representatives. Nowhere does it say that an employee of the Federal Government can write a law. The problem with the Environmental Protection Agency is that they are going beyond their constitutional...

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Gregory’s Web

If we’d just send Shelley Moore Capito to Washington, the coal trucks would start rolling again.Oh … wait … we’ve already sent her to Congress and … well, coal is in big trouble.The lunacy of political campaigns would sometimes cause a sane person to crumble. Capito’s ads and campaign pronouncements make it appear her election to the U.S. Senate seat being given up by Jay Rockefeller would save West Virginia coal. I would sugg...

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Rotary club hears process for new hospital

The Madison Rotary Club was pleased to welcome John Reger, financial consultant for the new Boone Memorial Hospital project, to their Thursday meeting. He gave an update on the progress of the construction of the new hospital and also spoke about the 10-year process that eventually led to success in securing funding for the new facility. Reger, who has worked with BMH almost from the beginning of the project, was instrumental in helping secure the $31.8 USDA loan. He praised the BMH administr...

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New historic fiction book released

A new historic fiction novel entitled “Fire in the Hole,” was published in July and has a lot of regional interest due to the rich coal-mining history of the area, the writer of the book says.

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Community impact statement regarding Peytona mining operation

CHARLESTON – On August 12, 2014, the Office of Coalfield Community Development received a Community Impact Statement (CIS) regarding the Mine 15, Long Shoul being developed by Coal River Mining, LLC near Washington District in Kanawha County, and near Peytona District in Boone County.The mine permit number is SMA#S500313. A CIS is required for all new surface mines in West Virginia.An electronic version of the CIS can be obtained at A printed...

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ASW Wrestling show packs Madison Civic Center

This past Thursday ASW Wrestling presented its brand of Professional Wrestling at the Madison Civic Center in front of a packed house. Fans witnessed seven matches including a Steel Cage Match and a appearance by former WCW Star Buff Bagwell. The next ASW show will be Monday September 1st Labor Day Madison Civic Center. For more info check out www.aswwrestling.comASW Wrestling will present ‘LABOR DAY BASH’ on Monday, September 1st, at the Madison Civic Center in Madison...

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Scott High School Class of 1961 reunion

The above classmates from the Scott High School Class of 1961 gathered for their annual picnic on August 16 in the Skyhawk cafeteria. All reported a great time of fellowship, friendship, and a delicious lunch prepared by Darlene McClure. In front, from left: Hugh Browning (adopted classmate), Donna Jean Ellis Mahan, JoAnn Mullins Harmon, Glenda Hyer Styers, Bernice Jane Rice Canterbury, Carolyn Jones Young, Carolyn Hannah Mullins, Janet Price Yeager. Back row, from left: Tommy Mullins, Natali...

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Van man pleads guilty in shooting incident

MADISON — Dale Lowther, Jr. pled guilty to malicious assault in Boone County Circuit Court on last week.Lowther, 34, of Van, was sentenced to 2 to 10 years in prison, according to Boone County Prosecuting Attorney Keith Randolph.According to a criminal complaint filed at the courthouse, Lowther did fire multiple rounds at Gary Hubbard with a .22 caliber rifle back in 2013 while Hubbard was operating his vehicle on WV Route 5. Hubbard was struck with three rounds wh...

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Concealed weapons permits quadrupled in West Virginia

CHARLESTON — The number of concealed weapons permits issued annually in the state has more than quadrupled in the past five years.In 2009, county sheriffs’ departments issued 11,160 permits allowing residents to carry concealed handguns in most public places. In 2013, that number had jumped to 44,981.The largest increase was from 2012 to 2013, when the number of permits issued annually increased by more than 15,000, up from 29,712 in 2012.Those num...

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Coal Valley News wins five editorial awards

CANAAN VALLEY – Recognizing outstanding journalistic achievement, the West Virginia Press Association honored newspapers and journalists from around the state Saturday during its 2014 Convention.The Coal Valley News in Madison, Boone County, won a total of five awards.The paper earned two first place awards for outstanding journalism in “In-Depth Investigative Reporting” and “Best News Feature” in Division 4 for smaller weekly newspapers in ...

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Madison Baptist offering ministry for the deaf

Every Sunday morning in recent weeks at Madison Baptist Church, the sermon has been spoken in two languages simultaneously: the pastor is preaching in English and the deaf interpreter is sharing the message in sign language.The need for a deaf interpreter arose within the congregation late last year when Anthony Caudill began attending services. “Anthony was enthusiastic about being back at Madison Baptist,” Pastor Jim Butcher said, “but his hearing issues limited...

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More coal mining layoffs announced

Just when you think the coal mining layoffs can’t get any worse, they do.Coal River Mining and Coal River Processing announced Aug. 12 that it intends to idle operations in Alum Creek and Julian, West Virginia resulting in 280 layoffs.The WARN notice sent to Kanawha County commissioners from Coal River Mining and Coal River Processing states that the company plans to idle and/or conduct workforce reductions at several operations in early October as a result of R...

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SHERMAN AREA BUS SCHEDULE - #111AMY COOPERMORNING/AFTERNOON SECONDARYComfortCar WashSeng Creek 6:55 3:10SylvesterBranham Heights 7:00 3:00Sherman Junior Senior High School 7:20 2:40MORNING ELEMENTARYCoopertown 8:45WhitesvilleBridgeSeng Creek 8:00SylvesterBranham Heights 8:07Keith 8:17Sherman ...

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SCOTT AREA BUS SCHEDULE - #094BEVERLY COOKMORNING/AFTERNOON SECONDARYMike’s Fork 6:20 3:29Meadow ForkHead of Meadow Fork 6:35 3:24Mouth of Dent Hollow 6:36 3:18Aleshire Lane 6:40 3:14Stringtown 6:50 3:09JeffreyPost Office 6:55 3:07Scott High School 7:20 2:40Madison Middle School 7:22 2:40MORNING/AFTERNOON ELEMENTARYMea...

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VAN AREA BUS SCHEDULE - #112BARBARA NAYMORNING/AFTERNOON SECONDARYUneedaPre Kindergarten Center 6:55 3:10Price/Cabell BridgeQuinlandQuinland Bridge 7:00Quinland ApartmentsRainbow Circle 7:05Trace Branch Bridge Road 7:09Hill Ford LaneBull Creek Road 7:10Old Diner 7:15Ed’s Automotive 7:18Boone County Bank - Va...

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