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NAME: Daniel J. Vickers

CANDIDATE FOR: Boone County Commissioner

PARTY: Democrat

CAMPAIGN WEBSITE: https://www.facebook.com/Danny4BooneCounty/

HOME CITY: Danville

HOME COUNTY: Boone County

AGE: 64

EDUCATION: High School Diploma


OTHER WORK HISTORY: Retired Coal Miner, Concrete truck driver, Welder, substitute school bus driver.

CIVIC ORGANIZATIONS: Faith, Family, and Food at Madison United Methodist Church; Volunteer at the Heritage Coal Museum; BARC; Support the following: SHS Band, Girl’s basketball, Boone County Soccer, Girl’s volleyball, Van High Alumni, Boone County Horseman’s Assoc. Moose egg hunt, people in need throughout the county.


FAMILY: wife, Valerie; son, Adam; daughter, Hannah.

PERSONAL STATEMENT: I plan to help start small businesses and therefore bring better jobs to the county. I hope to bring fiber optic internet to the rural areas in the county helping businesses and students succeed. During the COVID-19 outbreak having more reliable internet would have helped with communication throughout the county. I have been devoted to improving this community since I was a child. I plan to treat the county as if it were my own business and use my past knowledge to build a stronger county and community.

1. How would you implement better county planning?

I plan to hold people in the county accountable and make being a county commissioner a full-time job. I would make sure to hire people within the county and not outsource advisors. I believe the people living here every day would understand best what this county needs.

2. How would you encourage economic development in the county?

We need to upgrade to broadband internet. In order for a business to be successful in 2020, they need to have fast reliable internet. We need to bring in cell towers to provide service throughout our county. We need to begin to encourage and coach them to start small businesses.

3. What more needs to be done about dilapidated housing in the county?

I plan to work with the state of West Virginia to provide funding and resources. We should come together as a community to use all our skills to rejuvenate properties and create livable spaces. We need to ensure landlords and property owners are compliant with the ordinances set in place by the county and the state.

4. What are the three most pressing problems the county faces?

Jobs: We need to create livable wage jobs through technology. Make better use of the land that the big land companies control. Addiction: Work with the various organizations already in place. Poverty: Fixing the job and addiction problems will help the community overcome poverty.

5. What needs to be done about litter control in the county?

If anyone is found littering a fine should be reinforced and they should do community service by picking up litter. We need to create jobs with the day court and a program for the youth by picking up the litter. When citizens are held responsible for keeping the county clean then they will begin to take pride in their county.

6. How do you plan on continuing to maintain a balanced budget?

Each year for my own business I look at the profits and expenditures. I then prioritize what needs to be paid. I plan to do this with the county and pay the necessities first. If there are extra funds available, we need to decide what benefits the residents of Boone County as a whole and spend wisely.