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NAME: Daniel "Dan" Holstein

CANDIDATE FOR: Boone County Prosecuting Attorney

PARTY: Democrat

CAMPAIGN WEBSITE: Facebook: Dan Holstein for Boone County Prosecutor 2020

HOME CITY: Hurricane


AGE: 49

EDUCATION: Juris Doctorate, WVU College of Law; B.A., University of Charleston.

CURRENT OFFICE OR OCCUPATION: Lawyer, Holstein Law Office.

OTHER WORK HISTORY: 18 years as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney in Boone and Kanawha Counties, and 7 years in private practice.

FAMILY: two children, Jared, age 18, and Hannah, age 16. Jared has just enlisted in the United States Navy. Hannah is a sophomore in high school.

PERSONAL STATEMENT: After witnessing the decline of Boone County to the drug epidemic and severe budget cuts, and after seeing the current prosecutor's office come to court unprepared and losing trial after trial, I have decided to step up and seek election. I wish to put an end to the long delays that people face in court, and bring back a winning record. I have the most experience of all candidates, and pledge to be aggressive on crime and drugs. It's time to stop the nonsense. If you want fresh blood and a hard worker, that's me. I'll do more with less.

1. Do you believe you have the temperament to be a prosecuting attorney? Explain.

Yes. In my eighteen years as an assistant prosecutor, I've learned that empathy for victims is critical. Having been a victim of a burglary myself, I understand the range of emotions that people go through. That's why I listen to victims closely. I also insist that the police and deputies do full investigations. I do not tolerate half-hearted work.

2. How do you feel about accepting contributions to your campaign? Do you feel this creates a conflict of interest or an appearance of impropriety if you are elected ?

Generally, the prosecutor's race is not one that attracts campaign contributions, so it's not an issue for me. I have not held any fund raisers, and do not intend to. For that reason, I do not have the conflicts of interest that others might. I feel that to be prosecutor, I have to remain independent.

3. Describe your trial work experience?

I have tried nearly one hundred felony cases, and won well over 90% of those cases. I have also tried many juvenile and misdemeanor cases. As a result, I have developed skills for handling witnesses, assisting victims, and being prepared to go to trial quickly. I fight hard at sentencing, and I don’t make weak deals.