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NAME: Chad Barker

CANDIDATE FOR: Boone County Sheriff

PARTY: Democrat

HOME CITY: Madison


AGE: 41

EDUCATION: Scott High School 1996; Marshall University Community College; Associate's Degree in Applied Science; WV State Police Academy Graduate 2001; FBI Great Lakes Leadership Seminar.

CURRENT OFFICE OR OCCUPATION: Chief Deputy Boone County Sheriff's Office.

OTHER WORK HISTORY: 19 years 2 months as a Boone County Deputy Sheriff

CIVIC ORGANIZATIONS: Boone County STOP Watch, Boone County Backpack Buddies Program, Community Thanksgiving Day Dinner, Boone County ASA Softball Board, Madison Baptist Church Deacon, Boone County Deputy Sheriffs' Association Shop with a Cop, WV ICE Softball.


FAMILY: wife, Brianne; and daughter, Cambri

PERSONAL STATEMENT: I'm a career law enforcement officer and a graduate of the WV State Police Academy. I grew up in Manila, Boone County and I'm a first generation college graduate. I'm a born again Christian, family man and member of the Madison Baptist Church. My hobbies include spending time with my family, coaching youth sports and being involved in the community. Law Enforcement Instructor in: Less Lethal Weapons, Handgun, Patrol Rifle and Shotgun, Active Shooters, Clandestine labs and Undercover Drug Operations. Graduate of the FBI's 2014 Great Lakes Leadership Seminar and a recipient of the 2013 VFW National Law Enforcement Award.

1. How would you collaborate with other jurisdictions of the county to alleviate the problems of crime and violence countywide?

Communication in Law Enforcement is vital to success. I would schedule monthly leadership meetings with all law enforcement agencies in the county as well as making sure there is an open line of communications between shift supervisors and all officers. Beyond that, working with the Prosecutor's office, Probation and Parole is essential to being successful.

2. What procedures do you believe could be improved in the handling of domestic violence and child abuse cases?

We have to stay in tune with our domestic and family violence partners such as YWCA Resolve Family Abuse, Cornerstone Family Interventions, available shelters and other resources. Partnering with these programs is critical to improvement and is a great compliment in addition to maintaining specially trained deputies in this field.

3. What would you do to combat drug problems in the county?

We must be harsh on the legitimate dealers and make sure there is treatment available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for people struggling with addiction. We will develop and maintain partnerships with the school system for early drug education and partner with parents for early drug intervention. Make sure reentry packets are available to released inmates.

4. Would you increase the size of the law-enforcement force?

Yes! The Sheriff's Department is responsible for so much more than just answering 911 calls. They have to bailiff courts and maintain the security there, serve all civil process, watch inmates who are transported from the regional jails for court, serve Domestic Violence Petitions, take care of mental hygienes and many other tasks that are hidden from the general public.

5. What are the three most pressing issues for the sheriff’s department?

Manpower, Equipment and Vehicles. Maintaining police coverage 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, providing 2 full time bailiffs, a school resource officer, a drug investigator, running the home confinement program, watching inmates for court, serving process, handling mental hygeines and domestic violence petitions is very difficult with 17 sworn officers. We have cruisers with over 200k miles.

6. What is the most pressing concern and solution for tax collections?

Staffing, the office has been cut to 3 employees. It is impossible for them to adequately staff the office and be proactive in their tax collections. As Sheriff, I would be trained and would help when needed in the Tax Office and also work on creative ways to collect delinquencies. This would also help reopen the Racine collection point monthly.