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NAME: Chet Burgess

CANDIDATE FOR: Boone County Sheriff

PARTY: Democrat

CAMPAIGN WEBSITE: https://www.facebook.com/chet.burgess.96

HOME CITY: Madison


AGE: 64

EDUCATION: Scott High 1974/Center College 1977/Business and accounting. I have nearly three decades of law enforcement experience including multiple specialized training certifications including multiple active shooter, high risk warrant, Clandestine lab classes and numerous others.

CURRENT OFFICE OR OCCUPATION: Madison Police Chief/City Manager

OTHER WORK HISTORY: County Administrator for the Department of Highways for 25 years and 5 years as surface miner.

CIVIC ORGANIZATIONS: Member of the West Virginia Muncipal League. My focus is on my family and my work.

FAMILY: wife, Tammy; daughter, Katie (Dave) Simmons; son, T.C. (Brittney) Burgess; stepson, Derrick Gleason; and six grandchildren.

PERSONAL STATEMENT: My primary reasons for seeking the seat of Boone County Sheriff include protection and advocacy for our elderly and our children, working with local, state and federal agencies in relation to our drug epidemic, addressing what I believe are examples of nepotism and misuse of power within county government and equal coverage for the entire county. I don’t have obligations beyond my family and I will be your sheriff 24/7 and 365 days per year for the ENTIRE county. I welcome suggestions from our citizens that will make them feel more secure and safe in their homes and our communities.

1. How would you collaborate with other jurisdictions of the county to alleviate the problems of crime and violence countywide?

I will work hand-in-hand with all local, state and federal agencies. I think it is particularly important to work with the West Virginia State Police as the county faces more budget cuts which will affect our payroll moving forward and their assistance will be welcomed and appreciated.

2. What procedures do you believe could be improved in the handling of domestic violence and child abuse cases?

I will promote and encourage further education of our entire office in relation to processing these types of sensitive cases.

3. What would you do to combat drug problems in the county?

I would like to see more resources available for treatment in Boone County. I would seek funding to direct more personnel and resources toward creative ways to handle drug-related cases. I feel it is important to work hand-in-hand with everyone from our prosecutor to community groups who advocate for second chance employment opportunities for offenders.

4. Would you increase the size of the law-enforcement force?

This is dictated and controlled by the Boone County Commission budget for this office which I will work diligently to get the absolute most out of. I will add that my experience in working in a small municipality has provided me with insight in relation to getting the most that I can out of limited funding.

5. What are the three most pressing issues for the sheriff’s department?

Collection of taxes that help fund the county budget, loss of personnel due to the lack of revenue and the protection of all of our citizens.

6. What is the most pressing concern and solution for tax collections?

I support any effort made available through technology that makes the payment of taxes more efficient and convenient for our citizens. With that said, I do not support any effort that would eliminate face-to-face processing of taxes as this would inconvenience much of our elderly population.