MADISON — Members of the Madison-based theater troop Appalachian Community Theater have pledged their individual support for the upcoming Boone County STAGE production of “Peter Pan.”

Members of A.C.T. are participating in the production by way of assisting with props, as stage hands, lighting and sound technicians, the actual “building of the stage” at the Running Right Academy, as well as other support services behind the scenes. The current roster for A.C.T., most recently performing the Osborne and Eppler show “Southern Friend Nuptials” in June of 2019 at the Running Right Academy in Julian, West Virginia, are throwing their support behind the Boone County Board of Education’s STAGE program.

Connie Phillips, A.C.T. Treasurer said, “As most are aware, we are in dire financial straits in Boone County as well as in all of southern West Virginia. The coal industry has taken a huge blow over the past decade. We’re no longer seeing the financial support we once had from the tax base that funds our school system.”

“Our kids need our help,” added Rachael Stephens, A.C.T. president. “In this time of need, we are circling the wagons. We have seen many students from the A.C.T. and STAGE programs go on to bigger and better things. We want that to continue.” Stephens continued with “…I’ve been involved with the Appalachian Community Theater, Boone County STAGE, Southern Coalition for the Arts and The Aracoma Story for many years. I have first-hand knowledge of how well these programs assist students to become blossoming actors and actresses.”

Current members of A.C.T. are challenging former members to assist with the efforts. A donations page ( along with an Alumni page ( have been set up where anyone may contribute to Boone County STAGE in the form of financial donations of any amount chosen. From $10 to $20, from hands-on during production development, or in some cases, the thousands of dollars that have been donated over the past several years for new equipment, any amount helps. Concerning the costumes, A.C.T. is looking for $35 individual sponsors from alumni. The donation goes directly to STAGE to help purchase costumes for the upcoming “Peter Pan” production, scheduled for Nov. 21-24 at the Running Right Academy.

Chelsea Price, artistic director for Boone County STAGE, added, “The arts help our kids become more well-rounded and better prepared for life outside of the local classroom. Our students leave us and embark on their life journey with more knowledge and understanding of the world. Eyes are opened and foundation level relationships are built that continue for a lifetime.” A.C.T. has been active since the 1970s.

Reporter Phil Perry can be reached at or at 304-307-2401.

Reporter Phil Perry can be reached at or at 304-307-2401.