WHITESVILLE — Boone County appears to be nearing the end of what has been a long struggle to provide water to customers in the Whitesville/Sylvester areas.

In August, West Virginia American Water completed the acquisition of the Boone-Raleigh Public Service District (PSD) water distribution system. Boone County made a commitment to pay $150,000 to maintain the water supply during the transitional phase of moving the operation from the PSD to the corporation.

As of the Jan. 28 regular meeting of the Boone County Commission, the county had paid $92,401.27 in invoices toward that $150,000 total, leaving the remaining $57,598.73 to still be paid.

Boone-Raleigh PSD, which serves approximately 470 customers along Rt. 3 in Boone and Raleigh counties, including the towns of Sylvester and Whitesville, has experienced a decline in customers and has struggled to maintain adequate service in recent years.

In their regular session on Jan. 21, Boone County commissioners approved two bills to be paid for the PSD including $1,458.98 to CI Thornburg and a gas bill for $91.22, which are both deducted from the total commitment.

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