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MADISON — The Boone County Commission will revise and update the county towing policy as required by state code every three years.

“We’re on our third year. It was last set in 2017, so it is time to renew it,” said Boone County Emergency Management Agency Director Michael Mayhorn. “The current policy as is, I feel, from my perspective, leaves room for improvement. The last meeting we had a towing operator come before the commission and speak about the way he feels it has been operated. We also have another operator in the county that has somewhat applied to us for consideration to be on the current policy. The current policy has no provisions regarding how to address that in between those three years.”

Mayhorn said he has researched the towing policies of other counties and believes Boone County can craft a productive and fair policy.

Currently, Boone County has three qualified towing companies on the approved list, with two more inquiring about the process of being approved.

The county faces a September 2020 deadline on producing a revised policy.

“This is an ongoing issue and something we need to start taking a look at,” said Commissioner Brett Kuhn.

Kuhn made a motion to form a committee to update the current policy. The committee would include Boone County Sheriff Randall White, Mayhorn, Prosecuting Attorney Keith Randolph, Administrator Pam White and lastly, Kuhn volunteered to serve on the committee as a representative of the Boone County Commission.

The motion carried, and Mayhorn spoke about the importance of fairness.

“From my perspective, the code says that we need to make it fair and equitable for our towing operators and our citizens,” he said. “I want to honor the code.”

During the commission’s Feb. 26 regular session, Rick Howell of TYMRK Towing in Peytona approached the council about his concerns about how the county is conducting business with towing companies.

“I got taken off of the list over on Route 3,” said Howell. “We never received a notice, certified letter or anything. We had a fatality wreck at the top of Lens Creek Mountain and they’d have to wait an hour and a half for Roger (Green’s Wrecker Service) to get there from Route 85 and the fire department out there standing in the rain. It took me seven minutes to get there and they told me that it wasn’t political today and they weren’t waiting all day. They won’t call us and my lawyer has all of the reports and they give everything to Roger (Green),” he said. “It isn’t right to hold law enforcement up, fire departments and the people’s families up underneath the car because they want just one towing service in the county.”

Commission President Eddie Hendricks responded, “We were under the impression you were in Kanawha County.”

Howell said, “It’s been 16 years, sir.”

Howell said he was once an active vendor for towing services but something changed.

“I couldn’t get on here when (former Sheriff) Rodney Miller was over here and then when the election come, I came over here and donated some money and they put a policy together and then the next election I was cut off.”

Look for more coverage of the county towing policy in future editions of the CVN.

Reporter Phil Perry can be reached at or at 304-307-2401.

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