ROCK CREEK — A group of bus operators came together on May 11 to honor Boone County high school seniors with a bus formation that displayed “2020” to passers-by on Route 3, just a few hundred feet from the intersection of U.S. 119.

It was truly a community effort. Fountain of Life Worship Center offered its parking lot and an adjacent field for the bus formation, while George Viars, of Comfort V-Mart, flew a drone over the formation and snapped an aerial photo.

Director of School Transportation Josh Brumfield said he was proud of his employees for creating the display for Boone County high school seniors.

“I truly feel sad for the 2020 Senior Class,” he said via email. “The COVID-19 pandemic basically stole many wonderful experiences they should be having with their classmates during this time. Our bus operators have been transporting many of these students since they were in elementary school and through the years have watched them grow into young adults.”

He continued, “I think this tribute conveys a message of support and compassion from our bus operators to our senior class. We understand their senior year didn’t end the way they expected and, hopefully, this tribute shows their sacrifices have not gone unnoticed. Boone County Schools is fortunate to have many wonderful employees who truly care about our students.”

Big Coal-area Bus Foreman Robin Muncy was at the scene and was directing buses into formation and even aligned a bus herself on a chilly day in May.

“During this time it has been really hard on them (seniors) missing out on the things that most seniors get to experience,” she said. “We saw another county do something similar and we thought it was a great way to honor them — and, to be honest, it is an honor to be able to do this for them.”

Muncy added that at one point during the formation, more buses had to be added to the project, but there was no lack of support from her co-workers.

“Everybody jumped in and did their part and I’m really happy that the folks at V-Mart were so great to help us get photos,” she said.

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