Submitted/Boone County Circuit Judge Will Thompson (left)swore in interim Madison Mayor Buddy Hudson (center) and interim Recorder Will Rowley (right) on March 16, 2020.

MADISON — This City of Madison wasted no time in naming an interim recorder for the city, and Mayor Buddy Hudson said it wasn’t a difficult decision at all for City Council.

“When I was appointed mayor, I needed someone who knew what the responsibility of recorder meant, and Will Rowley was our recorder previously and did a great job for the city of Madison,” said Hudson. “When he accepted the responsibility, it was a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders. He can hit the ground running and is hands-on right now.”

Rowley’s approximate six-year stint as recorder for the City of Madison began in 2006.

On March 16, Boone Circuit Judge Will Thompson swore in Hudson and Rowley to interim seats after the death of long-time Mayor Sonny Howell and the subsequent resignation of Recorder Randy Foxx — who was briefly named interim mayor but stepped down from both positions at the council’s regular session meeting on March 9.

On Jan. 15, the Coal Valley News reported that the City of Madison owed up to $1.3 million in unpaid federal payroll taxes, including penalties and interest. An investigation and audit of the city has yet to be completed by both state and federal agencies.

Rowley could not immediately be reached for comment.

The Madison City Council will meet again on April 6 in the council’s chambers located above Madison City Hall at 255 Washington Ave. in Madison.

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