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Insurance agent Daniel Reedy with his office assistant “Ruger.”

BOONE COUNTY — Alliance Insurance Group Agent Daniel Reedy is using market trends and a hands-on customer experience to grow his local business.

“I think for some years now, shopping for insurance has become a pretty cold experience and I’d like to offer the convenience of modern technology with a more traditional customer service experience through being available to my customers,” he said.

Reedy, 39, is a native of Terre Haute, Indiana, who became a Boone County resident via marriage and his attendance at Appalachian Bible College. The father of three, now divorced, is engaged to Heidi Steele, who has two children. They make their home at Lick Creek, where he also runs his agency out of his home office. He is celebrating one year of business this summer and isn’t in a hurry to move into an office in a business district.

An Air Force veteran, Reedy earned degrees in human resource management and IT network security via his military service.

The outdoors enthusiast said his journey to the insurance business came after the intent to take some time off after active military time.

“I was talking to a friend that worked for AAA and he asked me to come work with them,” he said. “I began the testing process and studied for my exam and because I enjoy people so much, it felt like a good fit for me and it was. I became licensed in 2015.”

Reedy moved on to Geico Insurance for three years and through that experience, he learned that he wanted to do much more than phone work — he wanted to get in front of people and use a variety of methods to reach and serve customers.

“That method to me is cold and impersonal, and I wanted to do it on my own,” he said. “Right now, I have 12 different carriers to serve customers. We do property and casualty like auto and home, life and recently I started focusing more on the commercial end of things with a focus on local and small businesses. They can often fall through the cracks because of their size, but they matter to me and I want to help them grow right here in the area. I want to provide excellent coverage and a great rate for them and of course, with customer service just an email, text or phone call away.”

Reedy has considered a small commercial office in the area but ultimately decided to keep his operation lean.

“Just when the dynamics of how much things have changed with COVID-19,” he said. “I did my own poll online and found that about 75% of people buy insurance online, word of mouth or social media. Nobody goes into a phonebook or walks into an office anymore to buy insurance. With the way things are now, I find that people really prefer to do things digitally in some manner and the way I am set up encourages that and I feel like I am streamlined very well.”

Reedy said that he feels that COVID-19 has been traumatic for families, but the change of pace was a byproduct that we didn’t need a pandemic to engage.

“It has caused us all to slow down and spend more time with our families,” he said. “I think that is a trend we’ll see moving forward. Families are doing more things together. Our kids play soccer, basketball, baseball and more. When it was all canceled it was tough on the kids, but our family kind of took a breath and did things together in the evenings that didn’t involve running to the ballfield — maybe the only positive of all this.”

Reedy said his goals for growing are focused and realistic.

“My goals revolve around small businesses,” he said. “On a good month, I’ll write 35 new policies. Everything I get is word of mouth and through social media. You can get quotes through my website just like anywhere else, but I can also be reached via text or cell phone which is a real cool thing for customers. I’m looking for steady growth and focus on our community.”

Reedy, who has an outstanding Google rating online, can be reached via his website at on Facebook at or by text or phone at 304-747-8067.

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