West Virginia Department of Highways workers clear a mudslide on Route 85 in Madison on Wednesday. The hillside slipped again early Thursday morning and had to be cleared from the roadway again.

MADISON — A mudslide on Route 85 in Madison caused traffic delays for motorists and headaches for road crews as the West Virginia Department of Highways had to respond to the same site multiple times last week.

The initial slide occurred and was cleared on Wednesday. A second slide happened on Thursday morning. The road was reopened to traffic at about 10:30 a.m. Thursday, about 18 hours after the first slide.

The mudslide was located just a few hundred feet from the Benjamin Price Bridge, in the same spot where a similar mudslide occurred during heavy rainfall in early summer 2019.

According to officials, the DOH is currently seeking permission from property owners to correct the problem permanently, and, in the meantime, is monitoring the situation closely.

Emergency Management Services of Boone County said the county was dealing with water on roadways and debris falling onto roadways as saturated hillsides became more of a concern during last week’s heavy rains.

The agency asked that motorists use caution around the county.

There were no accidents or injuries reported as a result of the mudslide.

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