MADISON — A Madison woman averted an alleged attempted burglary after a man apparently realized she was home while trying to break in through a door after gaining access to her screened-in porch.

According to an incident report prepared by City of Madison Patrolman Joseph Marino, James Otmer Chapman, 35, of Madison, was charged with attempted felony nighttime burglary after an incident that took place just after 9 p.m. Jan. 3 on Hope Street.

The victim told a Boone County E911 operator that a man had attempted to break in to her residence, and once he realized the home was occupied, he ran away.

Marino said he combed the area for the man and had begun to look along Route 85 for suspicious people and then proceeded to the victim’s home.

Boone County Sheriff’s Office Deputies B. Dotson and J. Frankhouser alerted Marino that they had detained a male below Hope Street and after Marino arrived, the man was identified as Chapman. According to the report, the man had on his person a slim jim-type tool on a knife handle and a crow bar.

Dotson kept Chapman detained while Marino spoke to the victim, who later stated that she could recognize the man from behind and she later did so for Marino.

The report states that Marino’s inspection of the victim’s home showed that a handle had been ripped away from the door, causing the screen door to come undone — but that no one had succeeded in entering the back door.

The alleged victim said she had been in Charleston for approximately a month and it was upon returning that she initially heard the noise that led her to finding a man trying to gain entry to her residence.

As of CVN print deadline, the Southwestern Regional Jail shows that Chapman awaits a court appearance in Boone County in relation to the incident.

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