Timothy Riggs has worked as a pharmacist in Boone County for 38 years, and since 1997, his Medicap Pharmacy on Smoot Avenue has provided important care to locals. Now, 22 years later, Riggs says he is ready to relax.

Riggs, a graduate of Brooke High School, knew he was interested in the medical field as early as his sophomore year. Graduating from West Virginia University in 1978, he dedicated himself to his profession over the next 41 years. Riggs wishes to turn his attention to family, ready for the chance to spend more time with them. He gives his thanks to the people that put their trust in him over his career.

"We appreciate all the people that made [Medicap] successful for all the years we had it open; it's just time for us to retire now."

Riggs made certain to choose a suitable successor for the Medicap. The building is now owned by Chad Moles, a pharmacist from Elkview who practiced at the Elkview Kmart Pharmacy before making the move to Danville. Riggs and Moles have a history of working together in the past, as Moles has done relief pharmacy work for Riggs when needed. Moles, like Riggs, is a graduate of WVU. He had expressed some interest in practicing in Boone County some years prior, so Riggs's early search for a buyer included him. "It was a good fit for both of us," Moles says. "I was working for Kmart, one of the only two left in the state. My hours had gone down, so I thought it was a good transition, a good time to make a move."

Now that he has the pharmacy, which he is operating under the name "Danville Pharmacy," Moles feels that it is a good opportunity for him and the residents in Boone County. He plans to increase the services provided in Danville, and focus on efficiency and convenience. He already has experienced warm responses from members of the community, and has expressed how friendly locals have been to him. He says he wishes for people to know that the pharmacy is committed to helping in any way they can, offering immunizations, delivery, and home health supplies.

"To me," says Riggs, "we perform a vital service. The pharmacist is the last person that sees your medication order before you take that medication."

In the past, Riggs carefully monitored health and allergies, helping to perform what he calls "the last length of therapy" in order to ensure patients' well-being. Riggs' passion for his line of work has undoubtedly been appreciated by those he has interacted with in his 41 years of practice. With Riggs's blessing and passing of the torch, the Danville Pharmacy under Moles will keep the line of work going.