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James Donavan Thompson

RIDGEVIEW — A Rumble man faces charges related to a fatal overdose on May 13 in the town of Ridgeview, according to a criminal complaint prepared by Lt. E.E. Arthur of the Boone County Sheriff’s Office.

James Donavan Thompson, 29, was charged with drug delivery resulting in death and failure to render aid.

According to the report, Lt. Arthur was dispatched to Turner Hollow Road in reference to a potential drug overdose and while he was in route, he was notified that the male victim was deceased. The mother of the victim told officers that she had last spoken to her son via “messenger.”

A witness told officers that the victim had been outside “talking to J.D.” and the mother of the victim confirmed that “J.D.” was indeed the accused.

The complaint states that the victim was found lying on a bed, but was moved to the floor for “medical purposes.”

Additionally, the complaint states that a handwritten note was found on the bed that read, “(victim’s name), you took all my stuff. I carried you in the house. You was in bad shape!” Investigators found a folded Post-it note containing a white residue with a cellophane wrapper in the victim’s jacket pocket with a “similar looking” white residue, according to the report.

The complaint states that Captain J.A. Weagel located Thompson driving a Jeep Cherokee in the Camp Creek area of Boone County.

During an interview, the complaint states, Thompson told investigators that he had met with the victim outside and that he did give the victim what he believed to be Fentanyl mixed with powdered sugar. He said the victim became unconscious and he slapped him in the face, “harder than I probably should have” in an attempt to revive him and got no response.

Police say that Thompson stated that he had “witnessed people overdosing before” and that he did call 911 to seek medical attention and did write the note that investigators found on the bed.

As of press time, Thompson was held at Southwestern Regional Jail on a $250,000 surety/cash bond.

Reporter Phil Perry can be reached at or at 304-307-2401.

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