SETH — Sherman High School along with Delegate Rodney Miller honored senior Samantha Tincher last week for her success in the World Jiu-Jitsu Championships in Orlando, Florida. 

Representing the United States, Tincher notched an impressive four silver medals.

Through injuries and the death of a mentor, she trained with Greg Dillon in Madison and found a way to overcome obstacles, which was part of her message to her peers, who assembled in support of her accomplishments.

“It was amazing, and it is a great honor, and it is a great feeling to know I was representing not only Boone County and the state of West Virginia but my country,” she said. “When I went to the tournament there was low expectations and nobody thought I’d do very well. When I took second place overall, people started to recognize who I was and where I’m from. It is an awesome feeling, and there is just no words to describe it.”

Principal Todd Barnette gave an impassioned description of Tincher and the magnitude of her accomplishments. Miller offered a Legislative Citation from her home state of West Virginia to Tincher and read the document to the school.

“As a member of Team USA, she was competing against athletes throughout the world,” Miller said to attendees. “The last two were Australia and Great Britain. These were seasoned Olympic athletes, and it was the real deal.”

Tincher, 18, lives in Rumble and is the daughter of Jeff and Tamara Tincher. She competed in the 18-35 division against older, more experienced competition, making her accomplishments that much more special to her family and community.

Miller also read a letter from a Team USA coach, who said, “I found Samantha to be extremely willing to do what was best for Team USA.”

Tincher, also an accomplished student, offered words of encouragement to other student-athletes at Sherman High School.

“If you guys have things you want to accomplish whether it be football, basketball or any sport in general, work really hard and don’t let outside stuff intimidate you,” Tincher added. “Have fun just doing it.”

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