Phil Perry/Coal Valley News

Danville Mayor Mark McClure held a first reading of a new ATV/golf cart ordinance on Oct. 9, 2019. The ordinance could be adopted and put into motion on Jan. 1, 2020.

DANVILLE -- The Town of Danville hopes to adopt an ATV/golf cart ordinance that would go into effect on Jan. 1, 2020.

During their regular session on Oct. 8, Mayor Mark McClure presented the ordinance to the town council for a first reading. A second reading of the documents will take place during their Nov. 5 session and community members are encouraged to attend and offer input on the initiative.

“We’ve spent a lot of time going through three or four ordinances from other towns and talking to people to see what works and what doesn’t work,” McClure said during the meeting. “I want you (council) to really go through this and look for anything that could be better. I believe it is pretty thorough.”

McClure added that he did not include off-road motorcycles because of the noise associated with them and that ATVs with after-market mufflers making them louder will not be permitted.

“I don’t want to go down that road right now,” he said. “Someone may want to later on, but we have to take the noise into account for our citizens.”

The comprehensive, 17-page ordinance will be available for download on the city’s web site in the coming weeks, and citizens can request a physical copy from the town (copy charge may apply).

Via the ordinance, all ATVs must be licensed and insured. It is the duty of every owner of an all-terrain vehicle operated over the authorized streets and those areas accessible by the public to register the ATV with the Town of Danville before any ATV proceeds on the streets.

The registration will be valid for two calendar years, with an annual renewal beginning and due in January of each even year.

Among the required equipment for the vehicles are working head lamps and tail lamps. Permits can be revoked for a variety of reasons including the failure to abide by the rules and regulations outlined in the ordinance.

Any fees associated with registration will be outlined in the final draft of the ordinance. The council discussed the possibility of offering the first two years of registration for free in an attempt to get all vehicles registered and then beginning assessing the registration fee at renewal s in 2022.

The council expressed an interest in public feedback regarding the designated streets/path allowed for access. Access to specific streets will be limited to travel between a place of residence or lodging and legal access to off-road trails, fields and areas of operation, including stops for food, fuel, supplies and rest rooms.

McClure added that he wants to stay ahead of what he believes will be an upward trend in the coming years for trail access in Boone County, and he encourages other county/city leaders to also be proactive in adopting similar ordinances.

The Town of Danville holds their council meetings in their chambers, located on the first floor of town offices located at 731 Hopkins Ave. in Danville. McClure can be reached in his office at 304-369-5428.

Reporter Phil Perry can be reached at pperry@hdmediallc.com or at 304-307-2401.