The Town of Danville looks to sale a plot of land located on Price Branch Road.

DANVILLE — The Town of Danville will advertise a property for sale for the second time after bidding on the lot only saw one offer, which was reportedly half of the asking price.

The property, located at the mouth of Price Branch Road in Danville, is a vacant lot that, according to town officials, took an investment to clear, after the town acquired the dilapidated structure.

“After demolition and removing the debris along with everything else involved in cleaning it up, we’ve got close to $10,000 tied up in the property,” said Mayor Mark McClure during the town’s regular meeting on Jan. 7. “That doesn’t include the work we put into it.”

The town received one offer that was not close to the asking price for the plot. A discussion between council members and the mayor led to a vote of 6-1 in favor of relisting the property.

McClure said the property will be advertised for bid in the coming weeks, which will be advertised for bid in the Coal Valley News.

The council agreed collectively that funds received from the sale will go toward the cleaning up of another property within town limits, which will continue a focused effort to rid Danville of abandoned and dilapidated structures.

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