Pamaela Johnson of Bloomingrose received a 1-10 year sentence in relation to an embezzlement case involving a now defunct youth football league.

NOTE: This story has been updated to reflect information made available on the morning of Nov. 14 that reflects required restitution.

BLOOMINGROSE - A Bloomingrose woman received a sentence of 1-10 years in jail in relation to an embezzlement case involving missing youth football league funds.

Pamela Johnson, 38 was sentenced in the courtroom of Boone County Circuit Judge William Thompson on Wednesday.

Her husband Jeremy Johnson received a 30-day sentence coupled with seven years probation, to be served after his wife’s time has been completed due to a child in their home.

The couple served as former members of a now-defunct youth football board in the Big Coal area of Boone County.

Between June 2014 and July 2018, the couple served as president and treasurer for the Seth Midget Football League. During this time, they had unfettered access to the finances of the organization. The league folded in June 2018.

The investigation focused on specific areas including suspicious ATM withdrawals, "cash back" after purchases of other items at multiple retailers, and more than $1,100 spent in South Carolina while vacationing at Myrtle Beach. The suspicious transactions all took place on a debit card in the league's name.

According to the investigator, a total of $25,588.52 in league money was deposited into the Johnson's personal bank account.

At Judge Thompson's request, the probation office was able to document a figure of $9,074.53 and could not confidently identify anything more than that amount.

In the proceedings, the Johnsons claimed that they had sold purses on the internet and that this money should not be included.

Originally, the investigation yielded $42,000 in missing funds and later that total was dropped to $25,588.52 which was the amount that the Boone County Prosecutor's Office and the Boone County Sheriff's Office tried to tie to the couple.

Restitution in the amount of $9,074.53 will be paid by the couple to the league’s bank account, which was frozen by law enforcement at the start of the investigation.

David Sutphin, a Captain for the Boone County Sheriff’s Office who worked the case hopes that the league can once again find firm footing under new leadership and start back up with the help of the recovered money.

“I feel justice was served for the kids of Big Coal River and for the countless adults who gave of their time and money to the league,” Sutphin said.