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Whitesville Mayor Freddie Harless speaks to a citizen during the public comment portion of council’s regular session held on Sept. 10.

WHITESVILLE — Over the next several weeks, the Town of Whitesville will finalize the details of its ATV registration sites, which will allow citizens to legally operate their ATVs within specific town limits.

During a regular session on Sept. 10, some of the details were confirmed by the town council.

There will be two local businesses that will manage the sale of permits for ATV stickers. They will cost $30 for one year and the business can charge up to a $5 service fee for processing the registration.

Also, the town will make available on request, minor changes that will be made to the standing ATV ordinance. Councilman Matt Lively said the council is looking to the future and putting plans in place for what it believes will be a destination for trail riders.

“We are just looking ahead at what we see moving forward,” he said during the meeting. “This can also be another small revenue stream for the town.”

In other Town of Whitesville news, the Salamy Community Building will remain closed and unavailable for rent while town officials continue observing the state COVID-19 guidelines for gatherings.

The council voted unanimously to proceed with repairs to both garbage trucks that are in use, with the largest expense coming with the repair of a compactor that an estimate shows will cost between $5,000 and $7,000. Additionally, a compressor and hydraulic-related repairs are needed for the vehicle.

Metalwork is needed for the second truck, and the council discussed the immediate needs and what should be prioritized.

“I think we should do it now while we have the money,” added Councilman and Town Judge Steven Morris. Mayor Freddie Harless and the rest of the council agreed with Morris’ view of the repairs and approved a motion to repair the trucks.

At a citizen and landowner’s request, the town agreed to patch a corner of a parking lot that was damaged by equipment used by the town on a local project.

“The rumor was that I pitched a fit in here and wanted the whole parking lot paved, and that isn’t the case at all,” said Nova Joe Cooper. “I just want my ruts fixed.”

She added, “I gave permission and I was told if something was damaged, it would be taken care of.”

Councilman Lively suggested asphalt patching paid for by the town to remedy the situation.

“We did have work done there and I feel it is a good faith effort on our part to do that,” he said.

Mayor Harless confirmed that the issue would be resolved before cold weather became a factor, but would ultimately rest on the schedule of the contractor that the city would tap for the patch work.

The council passed a motion to pay to patch the parking lot.

Whitesville City Council meets at 6 p.m. on the second Thursday of each month at the council’s chambers at 39140 Coal River Road. Call 304-854-2658.

Reporter Phil Perry can be reached at or at 304-307-2401.