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CHARLESTON - State Auditor John B. McCuskey has announced the launch of Project Mountaineer, a series of reporting and transparency tools, for the municipal pilot cities of Nitro, Elkins, South Charleston, Dunbar and Danville.

Additionally, more municipalities will begin the program, including Logan, Chapmanville, Mitchell Heights, Man, Wheeling, Clendenin, Spencer, Whitesville, Hamlin, Vienna, Glenville and St. Albans.

"Aging technology and manual financial reporting processes have made it difficult to understand, collect, analyze and disseminate financial data between West Virginia cities and the state," McCuskey said in a news release. "Project Mountaineer unites the state and its municipalities with a modern, easy-to-use, reporting solution. Our state's cities play a vital role in the future of West Virginia, and this program will help to ensure our cities can continue to grow, thrive and innovate."

This new software works with an existing municipality's accounting software, providing interactive financial reports and dashboards with performance measures. Municipal officials will have access to this information for financial efficiency, while citizens can access an online portal to view revenue and spending.

"We're looking forward to starting the process with the state auditor's office on this project," said Raamie Barker, mayor of Chapmanville. "I've always been a proponent for open government. Citizens should know how their taxpayer dollars are being spent."

Logan Mayor Serafino Nolletti added, "This project will help the City of Logan become more efficient and transparent."

The state auditor's office plans to expand Project Mountaineer to approximately 10 additional cities by the end of this year, with the goal of more than 150 municipalities online by next year.