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Are you ready for change? After decades of being held under the thumb of the establishment, we have a choice to make in November. My name is Josh Holstein, and I am running for House of Delegates because we need a “New Generation of Leadership with Conservative Values” that will fight every day for the people of our district.

I am the son of generations of Boone County coal miners, graduate of Sherman High School, and local gospel musician. Growing up in Ashford, with a father who was injured after decades in the coal mines and a mother who worked at near minimum wage, times were sometimes tough. From a young age, a passion sparked within me to speak up, strive for better, and fight for my values. As a Christian and a principled conservative, I will never stop standing up for what is right. This is the very reason I am running for office: to stand up for what is right and what many of you are thinking but don’t want to say.

As I look around, from Whitesville to Racine and Danville to Wharton, I see examples of empty promises and failed leadership. Our people are exhausted. They are fed up with the ruling class and the “good old boy” establishment politics that has ruled our county and district for decades. With these years of great “experience,” what have our politicians accomplished?

I am tired of watching our towns fall apart, friends and neighbors being taken advantage of, and our values neglected. I love our home and refuse to leave it on the continuing downward spiral it is on now. Some things are worth fighting for and I believe that you, your families, and the place we call home are just that. In this time of political polarization, we need to be certain our representatives are accurately representing us. As a young person, I feel I can bring a fresh perspective, a strong work ethic, fresh education, and a moral compass to the Legislature.

I will continue to work with addiction recovery leaders to focus on new and effective ways to combat addiction, focus on cutting taxes and regulations which will bring jobs to our state and district, and work to invest in vital cell phone service, broadband internet expansion, and our paving roads. I am the pro-life candidate and have been endorsed by West Virginians for Life. I am Pro-Second Amendment, having the endorsement of the WVCDL, Gun Owners of America, and an “A” rating from the NRA. Furthermore, I am the only candidate who supports President Trump and hand-picked by his campaign as a delegate to the Republican National Convention. The contrasts between myself and my opponent could not be clearer.

In this crucial election on Nov. 3, I humbly ask for your vote in the race to be your next delegate from the 23rd District. Please visit or for more information on my positions on many issues.

God bless each of you

Josh Holstein is the Republican candidate for the West Virginia House of Delegates’ District 23, which covers part of Boone County.

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