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Remember when everybody but “essential” workers was kept home in March and April? That was all for nothing. Some suggestions:

On schools re-opening: I think everything should be online until, in this small of a community, we have at least 7-10 consecutive days of no new cases. Preferably 14 days. When returning to any type of in-person classes, all students and school employees should be tested, with a test result within no longer than 24 hours, three days before school starts.

Those who test positive are isolated and quarantined. Those who test negative are tested again the day school starts, then every Monday and Thursday after. If any tests come back positive, those students or staff are sent home for isolation and quarantine.

To return to school, one must have three consecutive negative tests over a two-week period.

Students should have plexiglass around their desks, placed six feet apart. Teachers should have a barricade, as well.

Schools’ HVAC and classroom ventilation systems need revamped.

Masks, sanitizer and wipes should be provided by the state, not at any teacher’s expense, which has been the case every year my son has been in school.

Students shouldn’t have to sit two to a seat on buses, and there should be a row of empty seats between the students.

I don’t know how the extra expenses will be covered for everything I mentioned, but I’m sure those are just the tip of the iceberg.

Now, as far as everything else being open?

Interstate travel should stop. We should lock the country down again and do it right this time. Have a national mandate for some new policies to safely reopen, to be enforced with penalties by local and state officials.

The honor system was tried and failed miserably, so now we must face the consequences and be treated like the misbehaving children we’ve been acting like for the last four-plus months.

I don’t have all the answers, but what we’re doing certainly isn’t working. Drop the ‘Murrica machismo and do what successful countries have done.

Lora Ojeda