Logan Darnell/Coal Valley News - The 2019 Sherman High volleyball team


Coal Valley News

SETH - Sherman High volleyball bade farewell to many seniors at the end of last season, accounting for nearly all of the Lady Tide's varsity hitters and the team's setters. The team is mostly new to the varsity game, with only a few having experience at that level. However, the rest of the 13 returners were junior varsity players that have had the opportunity to grow there. The team also introduces eight freshmen to the roster, totaling 21.

Most importantly, adds Coach Terri Dawn Williams, the girls have the benefit of possessing plenty of athleticism.

"This may be one of the most athletic teams I've had," says Williams.

Senior hitter Kaylea Whitehead made many appearances on the main team in the previous year, and junior Amber Maloskey is proving to be a capable varsity player. She and junior Caraline Nelson are hitting well in practices. Sophomore Kenzi Rinchich will also hit for the Lady Tide. Seniors Anna Halstead and Raegan Buzzard will be important players in the back, and previous libero Autumn Thompson has the ability to slot into many roles. Coach Williams says her athleticism makes her a versatile volleyball player.

Freshman Baylee Snodgrass has made an early impact, showing her ability to set the ball, following in the footsteps of her sister Taylor. Juniors Opal Toney, Cassidy Lewis and McKenzie Dickens will also continue their roles as setters.

Floor coverage and defense is something Coach Williams considers a strength of the team, much in part thanks to the girls' athleticism. Williams wants to see her team grow stronger as hitters in the season.

Sherman has slightly upped its schedule, adding schools Ravenswood and Gilmer County to the season. The team also plays in a number of tournaments, including the Tug Valley Tournament in Williamson and the Buffalo Tournament.

Coach Williams accepts the give-and-take preceding the team's loss of five starters but gain of many new girls.

"Just in a week and a half of practice, we've improved tremendously, worked on little aspects, and they're getting better every day. I think we're going to surprise some people," she said.

She anticipates a team strong enough to compete in sectionals and possibly get big results.

Sherman participates in an inter-county tri between them, Van, and Scott at the Lady Bulldogs' home court on Sept. 7 at a time soon to be determined. They open at home with a match against Logan High at 6 p.m. on Sept. 9.