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The Scott High soccer team prepares for their last regular season game.

MADISON — Skyhawk Soccer met the boys from Nitro in Madison on Oct. 17 for the final game of their regular season. The Hawks came into this game 16-2-1 fresh off of a win over Mingo Central earlier in the week.

Principal Jacob Messer was excited to be in attendance for the team’s final game of the regular season. Before things got going, he had this to say, “Before and after games, the players and coaches will scream ‘All In’ and the manager, Jesse Kirk, will scream ‘Every Day!’ As a principal, that is the best advertising you can get. If I say something and I am passionate about it, that is great, but if students say something and are passionate about it, that is even better; it means more to their peers when the message comes from them. Other students will buy into our motto and give their best because they see the players buying into our motto and giving their best.”

Eventually the team captains gathered for the toss. Nitro took the game’s first possession. But that was one of the few times that Nitro saw their team in possession of the ball in enemy territory. In fact, Scott dominated by keeping their opponents on the defensive for most of the game.

Scott totaled nearly 20 shots on goal, while Nitro only managed to get a little less than half that. Scott fueled this action by consistently stealing the ball from their opponents or intercepting passes. Nitro was able to get about a handful of shots off during the first half, but wasn’t able to connect with anything.

Perhaps their best showing came from between the posts. Nitro’s goalie was able to get a little more than a handful of individual stops. This kept the Hawk’s from running the score up on them. The first half of play saw the Hawks taking a 3-0 lead over Nitro.

Their first goal came nearly eight minutes into play. Carson Asbury slammed a cross pass just left of midfield to Lucas Older, who flicked the ball into the goal without much difficulty.

Their second goal was close to five minutes later. This was a return favor with Issac Setser making the pass to Asbury, who managed to finish with the ball in the net.

The third and final score of the first half came from Wade Setser. Wade received a long ball pass from Issac Setser, and then beat his defender one on one for the opportunity to strike and score the last point of the half.

The second half saw only one more score to add to the three of the first half. This score didn’t happen until nearly halfway through the second half. Lucas Older was able to pick up a rebound off a prior shot attempt and guide the ball on into the net for the last score of the night.

Other notable statistics include: two assists apiece for Carson Asbury and Issac Setser; Asbury and Ian Gillispie both had a handful of shots on goal; Tanner Hale, Ian Gillispie, Evan Constant, and Harrison Parsons all racked up at least 10 steals; and Jerod Ferrell, Tanner Hale and Evan Constant each managed to find at least 5 interceptions.

This game moved Scott to close out their regular season at 17-2-1, ending things with continuing momentum into sectional play.

Look for more Scott boys soccer coverage in a future edition of the CVN.

Reporter Phil Perry can be reached at pperry@hdmediallc.com or at 304-307-2401.

Reporter Phil Perry can be reached at pperry@hdmediallc.com or at 304-307-2401.